Thursday, May 17, 2012

SPC 2012 - No Fear

What information security professionals do and why they do it is not well understood by those outside our field.  This leads to fear and confusion whenever we enter the conversation.  But we are here to help, and our users should know that.

No Fear

I see you.
  Well, I see your packets.
Don't look offended.
It's my job.
Serve and protect
the servers.
Allow and refuse
  the users
Who knock on the doors,
  Salesmen selling brushes
  to a house of bald old men.
But we let them in
Academic freedom!
Science can't say no.

Science says yes to me.

Science watches
where you go
what you type
what you see.

Are you ashamed?
Does the idea of
Science seeing
  your post
  your porn
  your friends
  your enemies
Embarrass you?
Don't fret.

I keep your Internet flowing.
I don't see your browser's view
But I keep the view from pulling you
  the vertigo
  your computer
  betrays you
  exposes you
  takes your life
  lays it out bare

For the monsters
  who look to take
  what you are
  And propel it
  out of control
  across the world.

You worry that I might
  see you say "cantaloupe"
When a horde is pounding at your door
Paparazzi seeking a view
  of your secret places
  and secret faces.

I am not your enemy.
I do not represent
  The Man.

The Man fears me too.

I seek to find the truth.
I seek to hide the truths
From those who you want blind.

Help me help you.
Learn to trust,
  Let me earn that trust.

I can view
  without judgement.

I can shield
  without blocking.

I can secure
without bindings.

You can live
without fear.

For Beth and Holly, who thankfully didn't laugh at the haiku, even though it wasn't that good.

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