Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPC 2012 - I Phish You're Phished

Another from SPC 2012...

I Phish You're Phished
I phished.
You're phished!
More accounts than
I ever wished.
You try
And cry
"Go pick on
Some other guy!"
But I send.
It won't end.
Your users to me
will bend.
I send spam:
"Hot babe cam"
Or "take this cash
from OXFAM".
Through email
I assail.
Your awareness work
Seems to fail.
I make scratch
With each batch
Of NetIDs
That I snatch.
I won't stop!
I'm on top!
Go cry to mom
or a cop.
You can't win.
Worked too thin.
Try to block them
In your Junk bin.

I'll find a way.
Here to stay.
I'll make users
Just obey.

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