Friday, October 17, 2014


POODLE.  The word invokes fear and loathing across the world.  Without the clarification between "standard" and "miniature", the mind defaults to the diminutive version: yappy, insanely groomed, full of hate, and probably growling from a debutant's purse.  If the POODLE vulnerability were "standard", you would know it is to be respected and admired: a hunter, a protector, a guide with curly hair.

This POODLE is on the yappy end, but it is anything but miniature.


From the middle, I can see
The passwords that might fly by me.
Though you think encryption's hot
I still can take all the things you've got.

Trim me down howe're you like.
I'll watch for cookies, then I'll strike.
My nose will sniff the traffic there
While you're distracted by my hair.

A POODLE knows just how to dig
To compromise your server rig.
SSL ain't all the rage;
It certainly has shown its age.

So lest you mandate TLS,
I'll keep on walking without rest.
No leash, no collar keeps me down.
No hope I'll end up in a pound.