Monday, February 17, 2014

My Twin - A Reminder for Unique Passwords

Over this past weekend, emailed their userbase to inform them that there was a data breach that allowed the usernames, email addresses, other personal information, and encrypted passwords of the users to get out.  Bad guys could use these data to attack and take control of other accounts owned by the users, especially if they crack the passwords and those passwords are used on other sites.

Always use unique passwords on each site you visit.  Don't make it any easier on the bad guys.

My Twin

Did you know I have a twin?
Do you know where it's been?
Lingering in sites around
The Internet, where sites abound.
When my dear user must create
An account with which to participate,
He always uses my little twin,
And doing that's a little sin.

Now that my dear twin's alive,
It goes along for the ride,
Whether sitting encryptedly
Or left alone for all to see.
And if a bad guy comes along
And hacks the site; oh, it's so wrong!
My twin, it now be known to her!
My twin, it now creates a stir!

My twin will let the hacker know
Other places she can go:
Into my user's email box;
The places seen in Firefox;
Or allow the bad Anonymous
To find some dox and start a fuss;
Or steal my user's bank account:
My twin would show the full amount.

The lesson here for you to learn
Is every password made does yearn
To be unique and used just once.
Don't let yourself be seen a dunce.
Passwords distinct for every site
Will help you sleep throughout the night.