Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPC 2012 - Fawkes

A year ago, I started this blog to document the songs we sing. The blog was inspired by the EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference, and once again, I find myself attending this fantastic gathering. I'll be generating some new poems and songs as the conference goes on. I start with a song about Anonymous, APT, and the eternal threats we face.

Hey there, folks.
Have you met Fawkes?
He smiles at everyone he meets.

He loves what you do.
Loves to share too.
He's accomplished extraordinary feats.

He travels around
With the face of a clown,
And he finds his way into your data.

He inspires his friends.
DoS packets he sends.
Knows the default password on your SCADA.

Some think he's noble
Making all info mobile.
The whitehats would all like him dead.

But how can you kill
A man with such skill:
A hydra with millions of heads?

There is APT
You don't always see.
Sometimes it comes with a mask.

Sometimes it's there
Like gum in your hair.
No good way to get it out fast.

We hope that vigilance
Will increase our resilience
But the battle will never be won.

For us it's hard work
With no single perq
For the bad guys, it's totally fun.

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