Thursday, February 9, 2012

News Haiku

Taken from some news stories and recent postings, I offer another round of haiku.
A germ can blossom
In mother and new-born child.
Size does not matter.

OUCH! Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter - Securing Your Mobile Device Apps [PDF]

Even in the storm,
Roaring wind and pelting rain,
Calm voices call you.

Security Now Episode 339

Winds blow, water flows.
When you think you control tides
Someone else might too.

ICS-ALERT-12-039-01 - Advantech BroadWin RPC Server Vulnerability [PDF]

Wolves hunting in packs.
The scattered flock can't escape
The jaws of malware.

Citadel - An Open-Source Malware Project

Electronics Manufacturing Giant Foxconn Is Hacked

The prey will not care
The color of the snake's scales.
Black or grey still kills.

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for February 2012

Cycles surrounding.
The moon. The sun. The seasons.
Monthly patch day comes.