Thursday, March 22, 2012

Business Case Sonnet

Next time you need to produce a business case to buy a new product, give this a try:

Business Case

You ask me why we should spend this money,
Expecting loads of useful rationale.
As if I would ask for something silly?
Blow money on a drunken bacchanal?

This product will soothe fifty-one pain points.
Without it, we lose money ev'ry day.
Right now we're running with glass in our joints.
The inefficiencies cause me dismay.

Let us spend money, a little will do.
This investment will yield profits tenfold.
I know a vendor who'll discount it too!
Please, my dear purchase manager, be bold!

Just sign my request. Let's buy this new toy!
You'll give all your techies a load of joy.