Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Upon My Eyes - Goodbye, Higher Ed

My time in higher ed infosec is coming to an end as I have accepted a job with The MITRE Corporation.  I look forward to moving into a different realm to continue to fight the good fight while working for the public interest.

With this poem, I say goodbye to my peers throughout higher ed, but these songs will not end.  As I move on to this next chapter in my career, I hope to continue to sing and dance to the beats of the digital beatings we withstand fighting the bad guys and bad coders.

Upon My Eyes

Upon my eyes,
the hex of a million flows
has rolled and roiled,
data and intention drifting by
on waves of light and electron.

Upon my eyes,
the hopes and desires of young minds
seeking to learn the proud and profane
have danced to the beats of a million
stolen songs.

Upon my eyes,
the works of the brilliant and inspired
have exploded like cascading meteors
to illuminate a world
hiding in the dark
just for glimmering moments.

Upon my eyes,
the digital curses
of the low and sinister
have left scars,
having shrieked and stabbed
into the flesh of the unprotected and undeserving.

Upon my eyes,
grown tired from hours
of watching and counting and hoping,
the Internet played its inscrutable game
while I could only cheer and howl.

Upon my eyes,
the warm glow of hope left a soothing balm,
comforting my eyes
and giving them the strength
to open again.