Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SPC 2012 - Admin Rights

Managing desktop systems for a campus is far from easy. The technical hurdles are part of the problem. Managing the social aspects, working with the users to set reasonable expectations for what security controls are necessary, and managing the risks that remain are all tricky processes as well. Playing the blame game is a bad move, of course, but thoughts like these are not uncommon...
Admin Rights

I Am God.
They are my tools.
I know how to run
My web browser with Flash
So I can watch the movies
I want to download with torrents.

What's wrong?
Don't tell me
I can't use that.
It's my computer.
I know how to run it.
Don't even try to stop me.
I have Administrator rights.

And control.
I can install
Whatever I want.
I bought this computer.
Go ahead, make policies.
I ignore the inconvenient.

Look here.
Free AV!
Just click the link.
I want that, need that.
So I click that link there.
Whatever I want is mine.
I laugh when you tell me not to.

Oh, no.
My hard drive.
My data is gone.
It's all corrupted.
Encrypted by bad guys.
Sending spam to all my friends.
They corrupted my Facebook page!

Please help.
You should help me.
You should protect me.
Remove the viruses.
And you should do it for free.
Because it just isn't my fault.

Your fault.
You failed me.
You let it happen.
Why didn't you stop it?
You let me get tricked and fooled.
Why are you smiling like that?

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