Thursday, May 17, 2012

SPC 2012 - Another Inside Joke

Dedicated to Tony.


Flour is foundation:
A cloud made in a mill.
Sugar adds the sweetness.
A bit, if you will.
Add a tad of leavening
And a touch of salt.
Put the dry aside now,
But it isn't time to halt!

Break a large egg or two
  In another bowl.
Add your butter or some oil.
  Beat it as a whole.
A touch of fine vanilla,
Pour in a lot of milk.
Then mix it all together.
(Should be lumpy, not like silk.)

Make the griddle hot
So drops of water spit.
Then ladle on the batter.
  Make sure each one will fit.

Bubbles start to form:
  The quick bread taking shape.
When the bubbles stop their popping,
  Flip them gently, you big ape!

Another thirty seconds,
  Then move them to the plate.
Pour on some maple syrup.
Rejoice, there's no more wait!

Tuck in to the tall stack,
Golden-brown and round.
All your work was worth it.
It's the best meal around!

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