Thursday, October 25, 2012

M3AAWG - 7726

Did you know you can report mobile text message (SMS) spam to you cell phone provider?

You can!

Forward the offending message to 7726 from your phone.


Your mobile phone chimes.
Quick wind knocks screaming branches.
A new text arrives.

Interest falters,
Sun slips behind horizon.
It's a spam message!

Feel empowerment:
Use 7726!
Spite the spamming night.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Internet is taking its time moving to IPv6 networking. The lack of speed is understandable, considering the plethora of issues that come along with a giant network migration.

I've heard all these stories 'bout IPv6.
From what I can tell, we're in a great fix.
Imagine some puzzles, a maze in the mix.
That starts to describe the IPv6.

It gives more addresses than stars in the sky.
It counts them with hexes; makes net tools all die.
If you want to keep going, you'd better be spry.
Don't let this big change-up cause you to cry.

Get used to notation like /44.
You're tracking addresses? Your caches will soar.
Despite all the admins that think it's a bore,
You've got to adopt it, of that you be sure.

Lest one day you'll find someone can't reach your site.
You'll do troubleshooting late into the night,
And you'll find a solution: v6 is it, right?
Your powers that be will have a great fright!


I'm attending the M3AAWG General Meeting this week. I've gotten to meet all sorts of interesting people from across the Internet, all with the common goal to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

One group of people I newly met are employees of ESPs, Email Service Providers. I kinda knew these sorts of businesses existed, but this is the first time I'm hearing the term, since Higher Ed has traditionally used their own email services. (This is shifting quickly, though, with the promise of The Cloud(tm).)

It turns out, ESPs have the same problems as Higher Ed email and abuse admins.


I have
Something to say and
Something to send you.
I really do.

I am
One of your partners.
I want to do business,
But there's a big mess.

You have
Blocked all my email,
Hung up on my phone calls:
Discussion all stalls.

And you
Send something through us.
Attachments seem fishy.
Oh, you just spammed me?

And no,
It wasn't just to us.
You spammed half of Europe.
In spam traps we're chomped up.

Oh, no!
You included virii,
And ain't that a real shame
We're taking all the blame.

It seems
That email is chaos,
Our goose has been boiled,
Our business is foiled!