Monday, April 25, 2011

Life in the Mobile World Haiku

My entries to this Haiku contest:

Losing your cell phone
Is worse than losing your keys.
My thumbs get so bored.

Any time or place
The world at our fingertips.
Data on the wind.

Message sent through air,
Dodging wind and rain and snow.
"Remember the milk."

"Secure mobile phone".
Truly an oxymoron
Like "gentle winter".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

InfoSec Haiku

Data breach occurred
Like wind through a closed screen door.

Birds softly singing
Sad songs of un-patched systems.
SysComps like leaf buds.

Summer rains come hard
Like spam through email servers.
An endless torrent.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I am pursuing a CAPTN certification.  Part of the certification process is to compose a poem literary essay or fictional short story on the topic of APT.  This is my composition.

Beware, my dear friends, of the A-P-T,
A threat so insidious it will make you flee!
It is here for your data and will use it for sin!
It is here to hack you and steal all your women!

A-P-T does descend from the Axis of Evil.
It attacks your resources like cotton, the weevil.
Through intrusion detection and strong firewalls
Like a venereal infection to a young man's... pride!

A-P-T's gonna get you, it's the new Boogie Man.
A-P-T's gonna own you, get out while you can!

WesBot's Hat

This is the story of Wes' Hat
It's hip head gear, knows where it's at.
It's been on statues, it's gone sight-seeing
The hat's attended the Member Meeting.

Wes' Hat is loved by all.
You'll find it happily on top a wall.
The hat may come, the hat may go.
The hat may visit the Alamo!

But Hat and Wes can never part.
Hat loves Wes with all its heart.
Hat may travel, hat may roam,
But Hat will always come back home.

WesBot Rap

I'm MC Wes/I'm here to say/Get you some SES/It's here to stay.  
Don't you know/punks be playin'?/You think your BRO/Knows what they sayin'?
SESbot knows/what you needs/SESbot grows/with all my feeds.
I got your logs/your spam email/When your IDS bogs/SES won't be fail.

You might think your know the score
What you might know makes my SES snore.
My Powerpoint might be a bore.
But SES will kick hackers out your door.

I'm MC Wes/Hacker ├╝ber leet/I gave us SES/Don't drop the beat!