Monday, May 4, 2015

SPC 2015 - These Numbers Are The Devil

I co-presented a seminar called PCI Program Frameworks: Learning to Cope with Compliance this morning.  We had an excellent group of engaged participants.  I hope they got something good out of it.  They did get a poem out of it.

These Numbers Are The Devil

These numbers are the devil.
They hide in shaded veils.
They grace the backsides of billboards.
They travel on whispers through the air.
Whispers themselves,
They sour the best of intensions:
A vapor that slips through cracks and open doors,
Seeding hearty vines of complexity.

Those numbers live and grow and multiply.
They feed on the food of commerce.
To silence them would be a fool's games,
As their echoes travel far and wide.

No, these numbers must be counted
And counted on
And welcomed, but not without rules or cages.
These numbers are the sighs of sleeping tigers,
Dreaming of the free places they have known.

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