Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SPC 2015 - HEISC Information Security Guide

HEISC, the Higher Education Information Security Council has created an Information Security Guide to assist Higher Ed CISOs develop and grow their security programs.  It's good food.  Check it out.

HEISC Information Security Guide

HEISC!  HEISC!  Say it twice.
Working to help and give you advice.
They made up a helpful and detail-filled guide.
Come on along for a game-changing ride!

Fourteen domains, the editors scribed;
Getting you started with wisdom they tried,
Managing risks and closing up gaps,
Giving direction and warnings on traps.

Offering models and frameworks galore,
External sources for raising the floor.
Mapping out standards from ISO to NIST,
Accounting for PCI, HIPAA's real gist.

How do you monitor, log, and review?
How do you know when your data's all true?
How do you monitor contracts and laws?
How do you deal with software that's flawed.

This guide will help you, HEISC has done good.
Managing risk will be done like it should.
Doing awareness?  Policy growth?
This guide will help when you're mapping out both.

Fear not The Cloud.  It helps you with that.
If it can't help you, I'll eat up my hat.
Take a quick look, you'll like what you see.
An infosec guide that is offered for free!

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