Sunday, May 3, 2015

SPC 2015 - At The Bar

At The Bar

Before the deep dive into tech tracks and panel discussions,
Before the keynotes and coffee lines and vendor smiles,
Before we get our badges and drink tickets to trade,
We sit together, sip, and talk away the miles.

We travel from coast to coast or beyond the glistening seas.
We travel from our institutions, varied, flawed, and driven.
We travel from our day-to-day to take the time to ponder.
We sit together, sip, and share what each is given.

We smile to the waitstaff who bring our chips and beer.
We smile at the stories of battles won and lost.
We smile at the notion that our worlds are quite the same.
We sit together, sip, and disregard the cost.

In the morning, we awaken and coffee is our drink.
In the morning, we will seek the truth among the murk.
In the morning, we'll devise the evening's social fun
When we sit together, sip, and celebrate the work.

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