Wednesday, May 6, 2015

SPC 2015 - Five to Ten

Christopher Buse, the CISO for the State of Minnesota, gave an interesting keynote to end this year's SPC.  One take-away I got from his talk is to plan, be patient, and remember that change can take time.

Five To Ten

Five to ten years, five to ten years!
How many years will it take?
So many problems, so little spend.
The flour but none of the bake.

We have all the problems, never a fix.
We know the bad issues are here.
We try different process, we try different tricks;
No way we do it this year.

Climbing the mountain of business and risk,
We do it one step at a time.
The dangers are present, opportunities missed.
Our methods themselves are a crime.

We have to be patient, and we have to be smart;
Build service and not just the tech.
We have to speak calmly and speak from the heart
While steering the ship from a wreck.

Goals should be settled and metrics be set:
We measure our progress gone by.
Steady and slow, the challenge is met;
Be strong and try not to cry.

Opportunities come, but watch them with care.
They move much more quickly than we.
Stay open, stay hungry, and take on the dare
Of learning and listening with glee.

It may not move quickly, it'll never be fast
But time that we spend means a lot.
We'll find out that after five to ten past
We'll have so much more than we've not.

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