Thursday, March 10, 2016

Boston Security Camp - Afternoon Session

From the afternoon session of the BC Security Camp.


REN-ISAC watches,
Threat sharing flows through their hands,
Tall trees grow stronger.

APT Experiences

Even an oyster,
Old, rotten, may have a pearl.
Must open a phish.

VirusTotal shrugs
At the malware file we found.
Wolves howl outside.

IOCs popping.
The APT evolving.
Wounded lamb crying.

Creating a Good Business Relationship Between IT and Treasury for PCI compliance

One good data breach.
Storm water breaks through a dam.
Beavers must rebuild.

Follow the money.
Stars pointing to Treasury:
A PCI map.

Sharing the burden,
Huddling against the winds
Of attestation.

Database Security

The harsh thunder booms
When audit arrives, seeking
Your database logs.

A giant mountain,
Oracle databases.
Their logs are lava.

Information flows
Meta information grows.
DBA hair grays.

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