Thursday, March 10, 2016

Boston College Security Camp - Morning Haiku

I have the privilege of attending this year's Security Camp hosted by Boston College. This morning's presentations inspired some haiku.

Security Camp.
Talks around the camp fire.
Ghost stories, epics.

Moving to the Cloud - Resistance is Futile

Somewhere in the Cloud,
Raindrops form from falling ice.
Your data in tears.

Backups in the Cloud
Backing up backed up data.
Clouds, rain, ocean, clouds.

Acquiring clouds
And claiming them to be yours.
A game for sad fools.

Information Stewardship Governance Program 

Stewarding data,
Each piece led across the Styx
Or to calm prairies.

Understand your data:
A wolf knows all paths traveled
By each pup and prey.

Acorns stored by squirrels
Remain hidden all winter.
Come spring, they grow large.

Software Identification Tags

What should be patched when
Vulnerabilities drop?
Ask the wind and hope.

Browsing undergrowth,
Doe wishes she knew what's there,
Eating, not searching.

XML flowing,
Tagging the world that it knows.
Each leaf on each branch.

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