Sunday, June 12, 2016

FIRST Conference 2016

Many of my InfoSec peers have come to Seoul to attend the 28th Annual FIRST Conference. It should be a fun, busy, and illuminating time! It is my first big conference since leaving my higher ed crew. I hope these folks will party as hard.


Welcome to FIRST!
It's time to get funky.
We've all got some problems
On our backs like a monkey.

Criminals trying to get all our goods.
(Some of them organized, some are just hoods.)
How do we share the intelligence gathered?
What are the details we found really mattered?
What are the tools that we all kinda need?
Who can we turn to when we start to bleed.
Red teams and training and policy work,
Pressos that aim to eat through the murk.

Let us get started. Just dive in and go.
Listen and share, help community grow!

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