Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SPC 2013 - Man In The Middle

This is a similar idea to the Shoulder Surf Sonnet, taking the perspective of the Bad Guy(tm).  Both are versions of social engineering attacks, though this one uses a bit more tech to steal the goodies.

Man In The Middle

Words and pictures are on the wind,
Secrets are floating by.
A confession to you that I have sinned
While waiting to get to the sky:

My flight, it was late, the crew they just shrugged.
They said it would take a few hours.
So I opened the laptop all day I had lugged
And searched for wifi net towers.

Once I had signal, I smiled a grin,
And I started a small packet capture,
Which let me sit in on chats between kin,
Someone stealing a cover of Rapture.

Another was there surfing websites for some porn.
(I looked around, wondered who did it!)
But then I saw something that tooted my horn!
When I put out some bait, someone bit!

For I stole the gateway and whatever connections
That traveled by SSL tunnel,
And I sent all their passwords in wrong new directions,
Down the spout of an account-stealing funnel.

I gathered them all, all the ones that I could,
Before it was our time to board.
I hugged my PC, I hugged it right good
For it held all my ill-gotten hoard.

The time passed so quickly, I was so entertained
At the expense of all those around me.
I saw what they did, what their small lives contained
And how easy it was did astound me.

And when I get home from my time in the air
Where the words and the secrets do fly,
I look forward to using all the logins I dare
And draining every bank account dry!

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