Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Internet is taking its time moving to IPv6 networking. The lack of speed is understandable, considering the plethora of issues that come along with a giant network migration.

I've heard all these stories 'bout IPv6.
From what I can tell, we're in a great fix.
Imagine some puzzles, a maze in the mix.
That starts to describe the IPv6.

It gives more addresses than stars in the sky.
It counts them with hexes; makes net tools all die.
If you want to keep going, you'd better be spry.
Don't let this big change-up cause you to cry.

Get used to notation like /44.
You're tracking addresses? Your caches will soar.
Despite all the admins that think it's a bore,
You've got to adopt it, of that you be sure.

Lest one day you'll find someone can't reach your site.
You'll do troubleshooting late into the night,
And you'll find a solution: v6 is it, right?
Your powers that be will have a great fright!

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