Monday, December 12, 2011

Social Network De Jour

It seems like new social networks of various types are popping up everywhere. They all have different themes and work in slightly different ways. But one thing is common among them all: they make you a product that they sell to others. Your data is worth a lot to these people.

Social Network De Jour

I rolled myself a VM
And deployed. Carpe Diem!
No time to plan a mature service out.

My server was unhardened.
My code could not be pardoned.
First to market's what it's all about.

I encouraged you to share
All your facts and details there.
My social network links from all around.

I never promised you I'd hide
The juicy details found inside.
I'll ship your data off without a sound.

Marketers will love me.
I'm selling you, you must see.
Another item sitting on a shelf.

Privacy is long gone,
Not something you can count on.
You handed it all over your own self.

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