Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh, look! Another web-based vulnerability!

According to this article, some vulnerability researchers have found a new vulnerability that can definitely be exploited through Safari for Windows. They believe the vulnerability can also be exploited through other web browsers on Windows. The article notes that the exploit uses a Windows library that web browsers call, so it's really a problem with Windows.

The web browser has become the most common vector through which malware gets on a victim's system. It used to be all about bad guys exploiting systems through the OS directly. Now, they make use of the ubiquitous WWW and all the software that's designed to browse it.

Web Browser Vulnerabilities

Your web browser gapes
Like a path through underbrush.
Secret garden found.

Invite the foxes
Into the warm, dry hen house.
Open your browser.

Take care! You go where
Vulnerabilities live.
Spiders on The Web.

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