Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Symantec published a report about some state-sponsored hacking of industrial control systems (ICS) in many countries, including the US.  They identified the group that did this by the name "Dragonfly".


I'm a wicked Dragonfly.  You ain't never gonna learn.
When you think you found me, huh, I'll make a hairpin turn.
I'll zoom around your networks with intent to sabotage,
Sting you and be hiding out in perfect camouflage.

I am a master hacker, and I'm working for a state.
Before you ever find me, boy, it gonna be too late.
I'm trained in writin' malware, and I know your ICS.
Industrial control: it is the world that I know best.
I know about your BACNet, and your HMIs are mine.
I'll keep them running smoothly, and you'll think that you are fine.

But soon the time is comin' when I'll tear your systems down:
No lights, no steam, no coolin',
Don't think that I am foolin',
Might leave your furnace droolin',
Heck, I might blow up your town.

I'm a wicked Dragonfly, and I'm dartin' right and left.
I hacked your favorite website with some skills that you'd find deft.
You came and took a sippy from my evil waterhole.
I snuck on in to bite you, and I gobbled you up whole.

I took a look around with a sneaky little RAT.
I learned about your network as I poked at this and that.
I guess you never found out that an air gap is your friend,
You'll hold on to that error, right up to the very end.

I'm a wicked Dragonfly, and I'm dartin' left and right.
When your turbines start to screamin' it will be a scary sight.
I hope you have some candles and some chopped up firewood.
Your power grid is flimsy, soon to be all messed up good.

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