Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SPC 2014 - The Cloud, some more

Joel Rosenblatt from Columbia is giving a great talk on sensitive data in the cloud along with CloudLock.  My thoughts, slightly less minimalistic than my last Cloud post.

The Cloud is Really Great

We gave our data names, we gave the data places.
But when we gave out access, it began all kinds of races.

The users needed info, they pulled it from the store.
And then we were surprised to find it running out the door.

They brought it to the Cloud and the services within.
They posted it it Google Docs and shared it on LinkedIn.

Dropbox was their favorite for sharing with their friends
Or maybe they just put it there for sinister of ends.

We asked them not to do it; we pleaded and we begged.
It didn't make us popular; it was like getting egged.

So we're looking now for policy and maybe DLP,
Or many we'll encrypt it all; I hope we keep the key!

But horses, they have left the barn; it may just be too late.
We cringe whenever users say, "The Cloud is really great!"


Within wispy gauze,
Floating silently above,
There is turbulence.

The acorn planted
Last autumn by a squirrel.
New roots crack sidewalk.

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