Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Inbox March on April First

Sadly, this post isn't an April Fool's joke.  The flood of spam, delivering phishing messages trying to steal your information or malware trying to do the same, continues to assail our email Inboxes without pause.  Criminals use this technique because it works; many people click on the links and images in the messages they receive, which may point to malware, a form trying to steal your information, or just a flood of webpages that will make money for the criminals the more that people view them.

Well, take up your Sousaphone and get ready to march the April blues away!

The Inbox March on April First

Everyday's the first of April in my Inbox!
Everyday someone's playing a big joke.
Some would say I should just delete the junk mail,
But instead it just makes me want to choke!

It would seem that my mailbox is all filled up,
And I must log in now to save my skin.
'nother one says I came into some money,
If I send my bank login to Prince Jim.

Jim it seems is a prince living in exile.
Royalty, they have never seemed so kind,
Unlike those who robbed my dear friend in London.
Didn't know that he had vacation time.

All these banks want to check my information
Even though I don't bank there anyway.
Lucky me, someone's checked my online profile.
Russian bride? Doubt my wife would say "OK!"

Everyday's the first of April in my Inbox!
Everyday someone's trying to fool me!
Wish there was some neat way that we could stop them,
But instead I'll just have to hit delete!

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